In an effort to keep things simple, transparent, and unsurprising YEP Energy has compiled a Glossary of common deregulation terms.


The abbreviation for Alternative Energy Credits.

These are the services necessary for the physical delivery of your electricity, including electric generation service, transmission and distribution.

The company providing generation services to those who do not choose another supplier, are unable to find a supplier willing to serve them, or, for some reason, no longer receive generation services from another supplier. Your Default Service Provider can be found on your Contract Summary.

Your Agreement with YEP.

The charge on each customer's bill for delivering electricity from your EDC to your home or business, including the Customer Charge. The Distribution Charge is regulated by the Commission. It will vary according to how much electricity you use.


An abbreviation for "Electric Distribution Company." This is also referred to in the marketplace as your "utility". Unless otherwise noted, the term "EDC" shall mean the public utility providing facilities for the jurisdictional transmission and distribution of electricity to retail customers, except building or facility owners or operators that manage the internal distribution system serving the building or facility and that supply electric power and other related electric power services to occupants of the building or facility.

A person or corporation, generator, broker, marketer, aggregator or any other entity, that sells electricity to customers, using the transmission or distribution company (EDC), and while you are a party to this Agreement, will be YEP.

Your Enrollment Authorization is your signed written Application for Enrollment and Switch Authorization form if you enrolled in writing, electronic Internet Application for Enrollment and Switch Authorization if you enrolled online, or recorded telephonic Application for Enrollment and Switch Authorization if you enrolled telephonically.

Part of the Basic Service Charge on each customer's bill for the generation (production) of electricity. Electric generation service is competitively priced and is not regulated by the Commission. This charge depends on the contract between the customer and the supplier. This service is included in the price YEP charges you, as described in your Enrollment Authorization and Contract Summary, as applicable. Generation prices and charges are set by the electric generation supplier you have chosen.


The abbreviation for "Independent System Operator."


An abbreviation for the basic unit of measure of electric energy, "kilowatt hours".

PJM Interconnection, LLC (or its successor). This is the regional transmission organization responsible for the transmission grid in which your account is located.

The areas served by the PJM-operated electric transmission system, including all or parts of Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, N.C., Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Kilowatt-hour amount a consumer uses to compare prices and potential savings among generation suppliers.


The abbreviation for the Pennsylvania Public Utility.


YEP Energy, a Texas limited liability company, or its assignee or successor.

  Yep Energy is offering its Electricity glossary solely for your reference. To see the PUC's glossary of similar terms, including defined terms above, click here.