In an effort to keep things simple, transparent, and unsurprising YEP Energy has compiled a Glossary of common deregulation terms.

Your "Agreement" with YEP, which is also sometimes referred to as your "Disclosure Statement," includes the following components: (i) these Terms and Conditions and any attachments hereto; and (ii) your signed and submitted Enrollment Application and Switch Authorization for Electric Supply (also referred to as your Enrollment Application); (iii) if enrolling in a Plant-A-Tree Plan, USO Plan, or Green Plan, your Plan Disclosure Supplement; and (iv) any welcome or renewal letter, each component as may be amended or restated from time-to-time.


The abbreviation for Alternative Energy Credits.

These are the services necessary for the physical delivery of your electricity, including electric generation service, transmission and distribution. (See below for description of these terms.)

Your Agreement with YEP.

The charge on each customer&s bill for delivering electricity from your LDC. Distribution Charges also include all charges by your LDC for the delivery of electricity, including metering and billing services, service line maintenance, and other regulated services that may be authorized by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. Distribution Charges may vary based on how many kWh you consume each month.

Your Enrollment Authorization is your signed written Application for Enrollment and Switch Authorization form if you enrolled in writing, electronic Internet Application for Enrollment and Switch Authorization if you enrolled online, or recorded telephonic Application for Enrollment and Switch Authorization if you enrolled telephonically.


The abbreviation for "Independent System Operator."


An abbreviation for the basic unit of measure of electric energy, "kilowatt hours".


An abbreviation for "Local Distribution Company." This is also referred to in the marketplace as your "utility". Unless otherwise noted, the term "LDC" refers to your Local Distribution Company responsible for the service territory where you reside.

PJM Interconnection, LLC (or its successor). This is the regional transmission organization responsible for the transmission grid in which your account is located.

The areas served by the PJM-operated electric transmission system, including all or parts of Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, N.C., Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.


TPS stands for Third Party Supplier, which is an electric power provider or supplier licensed by the Board to offer and assume contractual and legal responsibility to provide electric generation services for use by retail customers.


YEP Energy, a Texas limited liability company, or its assignee or successor.

  YEP Energy is offering its Electricity glossary solely for your reference. To see the PUC's glossary of similar terms, including defined terms above, click here.