Here you will find basic information about electricity service in California and with YEP Energy. Let us know if there's something you don't see here.

Since deregulation, consumers still have their natural gas delivered to them by their utility/delivery company, who will remain responsible for meter readings, maintenance and emergencies. The great news is you have a choice to purchase natural gas from a 3rd party supplier. When suppliers compete, you get a lower commodity price.

The natural gas pipelines and physical equipment that delivers gas to your business or home are owned by your local utility/delivery company. You may also hear these companies referred to as "the utility". YEP Energy works with "the utility" to ensure that your gas service is provided reliably and consistently with no interruptions in service.

No, for service interruptions or emergencies caused by weather or pipeline damage, contact your local utility/delivery company. Please contact us if you feel the interruption is due to an outstanding bill.